True story ft. stats 134 midterm
  1. Last Monday: done with biostats exam - okay, will study a chapter of stats a day and will do every problem in the book
  2. Last Tuesday: Philz trumps stats, I still have 2 weeks
  3. Last Wednesday: time to be super cultured and watch Suffragette - women's rights is more important that statistics
  4. Last Thursday: surprise dinner downtown, good friendships are more valuable than a grade
  5. Friday: concert time! And while we're at it, let's throw in an unneeded trip to Michael's
  6. Weekend: I still have a whole week to study!
  7. Monday: I can do this. 4 days, leggo
  8. Tuesday: gotta do research stuff, gonna lose 4 hours + now socializing with fam okay it's fine you have all day Wednesday and Thursday
  9. Wednesday: yay found a new app full of a billion lists, let's read them instead of reading chapter 3
  10. Thursday (anticipated): oh fuck what is this shit
  11. Friday (predicted): Time of death - 10:11 am (after writing name and student ID on exam and turning to first page)