Things I'm looking forward to... And some things I am not as I start back to work after my first Summer off as a FT teacher.
  1. I have to leave my amazing two year old. Seriously though... Look at that face!
    Con: so many. But one is that he is normally absurdly healthy and just last week caught a virus. Thanks, universe. Also: there are no pros.
  2. I'm 33 weeks pregnant and about to up my stress levels.
    Pro: I know I'll be fine. Con:it was nice to just laze around while getting bigger by the week! Now I actually have to drag my butt out of bed early and walk places.
  3. I got moved to 8th grade from 7th.
    Pro: new challenge, I already know some of the kids. Con: new challenge! (This year of all years?!?) and I already know a lot of the kids 😬
  4. I get to see my teacher friends on a regular basis again!
    Pro: they are awesome. Con: none!
  5. I have an entire new classroom to set up!
    Pro: blank slate and I love me some school supplies. Con: only 5 days to get it done between all of my meetings!
  6. To all of the other teachers out there going back... Good luck and Godspeed!!! Don't spend too much of your own $$ on supplies if you can help it!