See, most people only talk about their future. No. Not me. I put it in a binder.

  1. Go to a museum
  2. Swim in the ocean
  3. Write a story together
  4. Watch a movie
  5. Take a selfie together
  6. Go shopping
  7. Go to a drive in
  8. Bake something
  9. Make a meal together
  10. Argue
    It's important. I swear.
  11. Build a castle
    Not a real one!
  12. Watch fire works
  13. Go to a bar
  14. Get ice cream
  15. Go to an amusement park
  16. Build a snow man
    Do you wanna build a snow man? (Sorry I had to)
  17. Make each other laugh
    Go to a comedian if need be :P
  18. Learn something new together
  19. Go antiquing
  20. Go on swings
  21. Make a secret handshake
  22. Draw a picture
  23. Camping
  24. Picnic
  25. Travel for vacation
    At least one night away together.
  26. Make a table top mini golf course
    That just looks like so much fun!!! Haha
  27. Penny date
    Try to get back with NO gps
  28. Read a book together
    Discuss it along the way. Let it consume us. Get lost together.
  29. Photography scavenger hunt
    Write the list of things to find before hand and go out and about to find them and create them. Don't forget the selfies along the way.
  30. Lay in the grass and Star gaze
  31. Fancy Dinner outside
  32. Watching the sunset together
  33. Apple picking
  34. Get dressed up and go somewhere fancy
  35. Hot tub rental
    This one can get a bit expensive but they have places that you can rent out a hot tub and retreat spot to unwind and enjoy each other
  36. Game night
  37. Go cart
  38. Sparklers
  39. Kayaking
  40. Bar trivia
  41. Go to a cooking class
    Or any class really.
  42. Zoo
    We're going to the zoo zoo zoo how about you you you
  43. Whale watching
  44. Sleep over
  45. Corn maze
    Let's get lost
  46. Road trip
  47. Mini golf
    The kind not on the table
  48. BBQ
  49. Kiss in the rain