1. Chatty Cathy – Patient definitely garrulous, but increasingly concerned that people find her thoughts shallow
  2. Dapper Dan – Unsure whether or not the term “dapper” is a compliment or a subtle jab at his masculinity
  3. Raggedy Andy – Early childhood poverty has produced obsession with trappings of wealth. Would love to be called “dapper”
  4. Cobra Commander – Constant worry that he has no identity beyond his job
  5. Man-E-Faces – Concerned he lacks an authentic “self”
  6. Mr. Potato Head – Has tried to deal with serious body dysmorphia through repeated plastic surgery
  7. Easy-Bake Oven – Considering moving to a town where no one remembers his stoner past
  8. Jack-in-the-Box – Desperate to be seen as unconventional