Someone needs to get cracking and write these books.
  1. Climbing the Corporate Ladder: My 11 Year Journey to Reach the Bottom Rung
  2. How to Crawl in a Bed Without Disturbing the Sleeping Cats
  3. Driving in Texas, Having Children, Touching Hot Stovetops and Other Activities to Avoid at All Costs
  4. Using Humor to Cope With My Mother's Untreated Bipolar Disorder: We Put the 'Fun' in Dysfunction
  5. 1,001 Ways to Annoy Your Pre-Teen Daughter Other Than By Simply Existing!
  6. Payment Arrangements & You: Lies to Tell the Electric Company About Why You're Behind on the Bill
  7. The Connoisseur's Guide to Pairing Little Debbie Snack Cakes and $5 Wines
  8. Funeral Home Bingo!
  9. 500+ Valid Judgments About Pinterest-Craft Loving Moms to Keep to Yourself Until You Have Had Too Many Cocktails
  10. Dating Etiquette for the Single Gal: Withholding Your Vast Sexual Experiences Until At Least the Fifth Date - Part 7