In 2004 I did an intense Yoga training at a school in Thailand, founded by a Romanian swami. Part of that training was Kria Yoga (cleansing). Hard to think of doing some of them now but at the time I was like, eh, might as well.
  1. Clean eyes with water.
    Sink water ok.
  2. Scrape tongue every morning.
    Using special metal tool.
  3. Snort salt water in one nostril, out the other.
    Before I'd ever heard of a Neti pot.
  4. Abstain from eating meat, sugar, dairy; drinking alcohol, coffee.
    Possibly the toughest one.
  5. Chug 1 liter of water, jump up & down, vomit up morning mucus through mouth and nostrils
    Please note, not a bulemic thing like I worried at first. No food came up, only excess mucus, in alien-like amounts. Probably my fave.
  6. Fast for one day (24-36 hours)
    Food lover that I am, this was a first for me.
  7. Concoct saltwater mixture, drink and do funky yoga moves, shit water out of your ass until it is a yellow stream (or until clear if you want to clean your gall bladder)
    Just be sure you're near a toilet when trying this one, cuz once it starts, hold on to your hat!
  8. Drink first morning mid-stream urine
    Urine therapy. It's a thing.
  9. 10 day fast of brown rice that can be seasoned only with "yang" condiments: sesame oil & seeds, soy sauce, seaweed.
    Smoking cigarettes ok because they're yang.