My Favorite Spots in Eureka, CA

Not from here, just love this place. And when @bjnovak requests a list, you better list that shit. I'm gonna expand out from Eureka to all of Southern Humboldt - or SoHum, as the kids are calling it these days😉
  1. Avenue of the Giants
    If you do nothing else but explore the redwood forests, you've done right by Humboldt County. Some of the oldest and tallest trees in the world live here. You will now appreciate the term "tree hugger". You will have the opportunity to see a tree so immense in girth you can drive a car through it.
  2. Los Bagels
    A bagel purist I am not, but bagel enthusiast, yes, yes I am, and these, my friends, are frickin delicious. I recommend the everything slug bagel with plain cream cheese, tomatoes and Larrapin sauce. And if you've got fantasies a la @bjnovak, take a jar of slug slime (the everything topping) for the road.
  3. Booklegger
    Amazing used bookstore owned by a super nice lady. Awesome staff recs. I could spend hours in here, and actually did with my kids last time we were there because of the awesome kids' section!
  4. Cafe Mokka, Arcata
    Get your California vibe right and soak in a private hottub in the back garden after sipping tea and petting the resident cat. It doesn't get more So-Hum than that, unless you're hella stoned.
  5. The coast.
    No specifics needed. Just head toward the water. Trust me. (Fun fact: Photo from 15+ it's ago when I worked on a weed farm in Mendicino)
  6. The Shanty - dive bar
    I haven't been here for about15 yrs, but I hear it's still soaring forth in all its divey finest.
  7. Ramones Bakery & Cafe
    When you need to caffeinate. And treat yourself to a tasty lil house-made pastry too.
  8. Tomo sushi, Arcata
    Some people hate on this place for not being authentic enough and to that I say "ffgghnnndpppff" (my mouth is full of the delicious broccoli, tofu and almond butter roll) Seriously.
  9. Old town Eureka
    Ripe with awesome shops and a charming small town feel, Old Town is where most non-drug related action is. (Lots of middle-aged men hanging out in the middle of the day though. So maybe drugs??) Shops I love specifically : the Works (records), Shipwreck (vintage + local artists), Little shop of Hers, (vintage), All Under Heaven (objects from around the world) = my list within a list!
  10. Matteoli Homestead
    Alright, maybe you have to "know people" to go here, since it's technically my best friend's brother's house, but they'd prob let you pet their goats if you just showed up at their door.