Call me Amish, but there are certain old fashioned ways I want to hold onto. I once swore in college (1994) that I would never use computers, that they were the end to interpersonal communication. Well, we see how that worked out.
  1. I prefer a kitchen timer to using my phone when I cook.
    Something about that bell...
  2. I refuse to do anything other than "like" something on Facebook.
    "React"?? No thank you.
  3. I prefer the old paper and a pencil to make a list.
    Um, sorry guys. Don't shoot! Doesn't stop me here though!
  4. It took me a loooong time to get a cell phone, and then I refused to text for years after.
    What am I, seventy? (No, I'm not, those of you who don't know me ie everyone here)
  5. Records > streaming > mp3s
    No substitute for the crackle, the large album cover, the liner notes, even having to flip that shit over is a superior experience. And colored vinyl?? Oh my.
  6. I use my head to calculate numbers rather than a calculator, when I can.
    I'm not talking "a beautiful mind" type calculations, or those amazing school girls in India (!) just your average addition that comes up on a day to day basis.
  7. When I got an electric toothbrush for Christmas once, it stayed in its package for a year before I tried it.
    I mean, what's wrong with the manual brush? As my brother says, "that's my daily exercise!" But now I swear by the electric. Feels like I just got a dental cleaning.
  8. Handwriting vs. typing
    One of my favorite authors and cartoonists, Lynda Barry, has great things to say on the subject of handwriting and how important the experience of using a pen and paper is to brain function and creativity. And kids aren't learning to write or read cursive these days. This terrifies me!!
  9. I still write checks.
    Maybe it's me living out my 6 yr old fantasy of being an adult, but I feel way more accomplished after cutting a check to pay bills than paying online.
  10. Kindle is the enemy.
    Nothing like turning an actual page...
  11. I am a dinosaur.