Adults will be at Paradise Grill and home around 10:30
  1. Food- make pizza for boys, pasta for girls, and add veggies or fruit
  2. Jax needs to practice his spelling list until he gets at least 18/20 right.... It usually takes four tries
  3. Nick needs to do his homework
  4. Any fighting at all - no video games all weekend
  5. I already fed George
  6. Please let George once out -Jax & Gaby
  7. Feed Zoe
  8. Carly needs a quick bath
  9. Nick and Jack can shower in morning
  10. It's ok to buy or rent any movie
  11. It's great if Miguel comes too!
  12. Keep everything clean and ant-free
  13. Get Carly's whole outfit out for tomorrow and put in master