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Once you learn how to screenshot your display, there's no telling what you'll want to share
  1. Got games?
    These are my best attempts at beating Pixel Dungeon. I have yet to survive.
  2. Okay, so.... games
    Bonus points if you know a good Ramza.
  3. Maps!
    I guess I needed to show someone where MSU is located.
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it seems like a thing to do
  1. My wife and my nephews
  2. When Hulu breaks down
  3. Bryant Park in the Spring
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you know the ones.. maybe not these ones
  1. The Fire Cat
    Literally the first book I can remember reading.
  2. The Art of Worldly Wisdom
    300 Aphorisms open to interpretation
  3. A Book of Five Rings
    Musashi's writings on swordplay
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