Happiness Advent Calender 2016

Inspired by @victoriaedel. lately I've been wanting to do a daily "I am thankful for this" kind of thing. This is a good start!!
  1. 1.
    Ho Ho Hopefully by The Maine
    🎵 December 1st, I'm in a foreign state, I'm running late, I'm all alone, wishing I was home with you, baby🎵
  2. 2.
    I got invited to formal!
    And I finally get to wear a old dress that has been sitting in my closet for 4 years(due to the date ditching me before), I'll have much better company this go-around.
  3. 3.
    Love is amazing. Loving my dog, loving my friends, loving my family, loving my boyfriend. Love.
  4. 4.
    I went to formal!!
    It was Grammys-themed and pretty cool. I ate a ton of pasta and breadsticks. We also went to a bar after in our fancy clothes 😎
  5. 5.
    My dog is super cute in a fleece coat ($3 at target btw.)
  6. 6.
    I discovered an amazing Drake Cover
    Please do your ears the service of listening to "Hold on we're going home" covered by the Arctic Monkeys. I burn, I pine, I perish.
  7. 7.
    Got an unexpected text from a good friend this morning.
    Saying that she hoped I had a good day. It was nice, and it definitely brightened up the rest of my day. ☀️
  8. 8.
    Got to spend some good time with my boyfriend.
    We normally get to see each other fairly often during the week, but since it's both of our finals times and he's a grad student and I'm an undergrad we're kind of on opposite schedules. So it was nice to see him ❤️
  9. 9.
    Hung out with my girl Sheeba today. She's been my family's dog for about 10 years. ❤️
  10. 10.
    (Spanish final, I just like the gif)
  11. 11.
    Got started on making my ugly Christmas sweater (which I think it's kinda cute right now but that's just me.)
  12. 12.
    My Dad had shoulder surgery today
    He's doing great! He was kinda loopy on hydrocodone so he's been yelling at the tv during Wheel Of Fortune.
  13. 13.
    Two finals down, three to go!
    The one for day was for my worst subject area, math. So I was definitely nervous, but I hope it went well.
  14. 14.
    Decorated my tree!!!
  15. 15.
    Finally finished finals!
  16. 16.
    I got a job!!
    A temp job right now, but they want to hire me after the holidays too!
  17. 17.
    Gave my little pup a bath, put some coconut oil on her, stuck her in a sweater, and we met her behaviorist today! Cleo made a lot of behavioral process in under an hour. Super proud.
  18. 18.
    The bf and I went to an ugly sweater party. Clearly he went way harder than I did
  19. 19.
    I brought a friend fudge and she took a picture of me because apparently I looked "christmassy." We got to talk for a while and I got a lot of stuff off of my chest that was weighing on me.
  20. 20.
    Got half of my Christmas shopping done! Still have half to do! With THREE DAYS TO GO
  21. 21.
    I went to spincycle for the first time!!
    I made it through the whole hour!!!
  22. 22.
    3/4 done with Christmas shopping! And I made it through a second spin cycle class!
    I've spent the past two days finding photos of my mom's mom and my dad's parents. My sister and I are working on a photo album for my parents to have so they can remember the good times. It's jarred up a lot of feelings, and it made me realize how odd it is to remember what someone vaguely looks like and memories you have, but pictures kind of bring back all of the features and other facets. ALSO, on an unrelated note, I took Cleo for a jog and she behaved the whole time, no barking at all!!
  23. 23.
    Got all of my shopping done!!!!
  24. 24.
    Finished wrapping!!!