1. Have a dog
  2. Have a dog that is okay with having a party.
  3. A Facebook invite or snail mail if you want to go all out!
  4. Have a place where dogs can party.
    Ex: a park, a big yard, etc.
  5. Something for the dogs to eat!
    You can make a cake or, a bunch of little cupcakes so they all have something. Or you can buy one. There are gourmet bakeries for dog treats and food out there.
  6. Lots of water!
    And something to put it in.
  7. Dogs don't need presents.
    They just need companionship, food, water, and fun.
  8. Something for pup parents!
    A nice little cake or cupcakes. And refreshments (🍹responsibly)
  9. Dog movies!
    If you want to take the party inside, main condition with this is: the dog cannot die in the film. Duh.
  10. Party hats for the picture!
  11. Static