1. Exercise at least once a day.
    This means I'll do short distance running with my dog at least once a day for us to get our jitters out,
  2. Finally pass the math course to finish my core classes.
    I'm really bad at math and I've taken the easiest math course my university has twice, with no avail. So hopefully, with tutoring, I can finally kick this class' butt.
  3. Paint more.
    I love painting, it's super relaxing to me and it takes a weight off of my shoulders. Hopefully I can express myself more this year.
  4. Eat better.
    Since I was a kid, I always had an issue with textures of foods. If it was slimy, smelled bad, or if I had a bad memory associated with it, I couldn't go near it. I've gotten a lot better with it as an adult, I'd just like to try new things without feeling anxious and I'd like to have different foods be a regular part of my diet. So if you have any advice for this, let me know!
  5. Be more organized.
    My apartment is a huge mess right now, lol.
  6. Get closer to figuring out what I want to do, career-wise.
    I now have a briefcase, so it has to be an occupation where I can look sophisticated and carry a briefcase. 💼