People that my dog loves

She loves a lot of people.
  1. This is Cleo
    In case you didn't know my dog(this was taken right after I brushed her teeth.)
  2. Me
    I mean, I am the one who gives her food. That's my one redeeming quality.
  3. Nicki Minaj
    She has always loved the song Anaconda, I couldn't tell you why.
  4. Harry Potter Puppet Pals
    She finds them funny, and their voices are squeaky so that's fun too. I mean, I think she finds them funny, her tail wags when she hears them.
  5. Her dog sitter
    Photo cred to her dog sitter 😊
  6. My boyfriend
    I woke up in the middle of the night to find him petting her and her tail was wagging like crazy.
  7. My parents
    She likes them because they sneak scraps to her, which I refuse to do. And they also give her chicken when they feed their dogs. That's my Dad's arm. But look at that adoring stare.
  8. My brother
    Whenever I bring her over, Luke always sits next to her and talks to her and her tail wags so much and it's precious.
  9. KFC employees
    This was the first time she went through the KFC drive through. She found it incredible.
  10. Whataburger Employees
    They gave her a milkbone on her birthday and they didn't even KNOW.