I dropped my old phone in a toilet and lost almost 500 pictures of Cleo. Here are some I have on this new phone.
  1. I just got home and she was happy and decided to sprawl across my lap.
  2. She was excited that I had escaped school again and came home to her.
  3. She was ecstatic that it was almost dinner time.
  4. She's probably thinking about bacon.
  5. This was after I voted and everyone was taking a selfie with their stickers, but I felt ugly that day. So the cutest person ever wore the sticker.
  6. I was completely trashed when I took this(and like 10 more pictures of her.)
  7. She followed me into the bathroom to make sure it was safe.
  8. Post-dental work. Anesthesia still wearing off. Very high. Very cuddly.
  9. Easter! Bluebonnets! She peed right after I took this.
  10. Bath.
  11. Scarf.
  12. What I woke up to.
  13. When I took her on her first vacation during spring break.