Inspired by @samala I hope this is okay for me to do, I'm just trying to realize what I still have to live for, even if I still feel bad sometimes.
  1. I have a dog
    And she is my best friend and she is the reason I see myself having a future. This pup is how I keep going everyday, just because she is always happy, and she's also always happy to see me.
  2. My little brother(who has autism) is so cool and has gotten cooler
    This kid texts me every day and asks me how I am, says good morning and good night, and asks if I slept alright. He does this for his whole family and all of his friends, and probably asks his teachers the same questions when he sees them at school. Every time I come home from school he says, "I'm so glad you're here."
  3. I'm better with boundaries.
    Pretty much with everyone, I can recognize when I have to step back, or when I shouldn't let something keep going on in a toxic circle.
  4. I have a small group of friends, but they actually know how to love people.
    I used to have a huge amount of friends and they honestly did the most awful things to each other, and made each other feel horrible. I have people around me who genuinely understand feelings and what it means to love people and are conscientious of how not to hurt people and be careless.
  5. I have a two year old niece
    We play a pg-rates version of the "penis game", we both yell fart back and forth till someone gets really loud and wins(hint: it's usually her, because I let her because I can't stop laughing)
  6. I turned 22 a few days ago
    I went out with a few friends and my boyfriends' friends. My friends and my boyfriend all got me flowers and I cried. True to the song by Taylor Swift, we had breakfast at midnight and the whole restaurant sang happy birthday to me.
  7. My boyfriend(I feel so cliche for putting this here)
    I've never felt so close and connected to anybody in my whole life, and it takes a lot for me to trust somebody like that. We're both non-religious people, but I feel like he made me believe in the verse "love is patient, love is kind." Even if we somehow end up not taking the same path, I'm going to love him always for being such a positive light in my life.
  8. My relationship with my family has vastly improved
    We can actually talk to each other now and be respectful of each others boundaries and we try to help each other out as best as we can. It took a lot of work on all of our parts.
  9. I'm working on thinking positively and rationally about myself and others
    I've finally calmed down enough as a person to realize that not everything I think about myself and others is true, so I'm working with a counselor to fix this habit of mine.
  10. I love creating stuff
    Whether it's through baking, painting, doing someone's hair or decorating an apartment. I love making something out of nothing, it's just so satisfying, and it usually makes someone feel really good too.