It's really hard to be positive, it's incredibly easy to cry and fall asleep on a random carpet (I did that today, twice, so don't feel too bad if you did too.) but I wanted to share some things I thought might help in the future.
  1. Let your feelings out.
    Talk to someone you trust, who won't shut you down. Go try a kick boxing class out, I'm sure they'll let you get a free trial. There are free outdoor yoga classes in tons of places. Watch Netflix. Color something, they have $1 adult coloring books at target. Take a jog! Use your nervous energy and bake something with friends.
  2. Don't drown your sorrow in alcohol.
    We're all adults/humans that can make their own decisions. But alcohol will literally make this worse. Yesterday I got so drunk and sad and it affected me all day today. Alcohol is a depressant, it won't help you think clearly. I was going between wanting to cry and feeling more numb than I had in a while.?
  3. When you're feeling up to it, help the people you care about.
    You can't give from your bowl if yours is almost empty. But there are going to be lots of people feeling super down. There are going to be lots of people being terrified that their whole life might change. Several people became more fearful this morning. Hug them, if they want you to. Text them cute pictures of animals and let them know you're there for them. That you'll be there for them no matter what happens in this country/world/life. It's really hard right now for lots of people.
  4. If you want to debate, learn about Trump's policies.
    This is coming from my political scientist side(also I'm a religious studies[very into peace and negotiating] and international studies minor.) Learn of his game plan. A month ago, his policy page on his website had one sentence explanations for his policies. I'm not sure when, but sometime between then and today, those policies became a lot longer and wordy. And people don't always understand the significance of what is being mentioned. He definitely had someone professional write those.
  5. Addendum
    Learn about what he wants to do so you can protest it, write a letter about it, write a journal article. Do something. Don't let him have a seamless presidency. Don't let him have a pleasant day, don't let him become normal and acceptable and exalted. Don't.
  6. Write to your local government representatives and state representatives.
    No emails. Send it straight to them. Snail mail. Bombard them with phone calls. Bother the shit out of Mike Pence while he isn't in the White House.
  7. Stay safe.
    It is incredibly scary to be a person of color, or a person, or a lgbtquia+ person, or a woman or a disabled person. It's hard to hold everything in when it feels like every atom of yourself is fighting to not tremble apart. Protect yourself, believe that you're valuable and worth keeping safe, because you are.
  8. Remember this.
    You can change things. You can change things. You can change things. We're not stuck because of a shitty president, we can still move forward.
  9. And if I said anything incorrect, or anything that makes anyone feel unsafe or worried, I'm sorry and please let me know.
    I love you all and we're all going to be okay.