Things about Game of Thrones(characters also spoiler alert!!)

I decided that The Tudors was a baby step to Game of Thrones. I was right. The step, however, is a very, very, very large one. Also, I don't know a lot of the actors.
  1. Natalie Dormer
    She's in this too!!! It's so exciting!!!She plays Margaery Tyrell
  2. Loras Tyrell
    Margaery's lovely brother. Goddamn.
  3. Renly Baratheon
    Cool guy. I liked his crown, very natural-chic. It must be the wine. RIP.
  4. Robert Baratheon
    The actor who plays him is in like, every medieval themed film. Robert was a drunk, and he constantly leans on Ned.
  5. Ned Stark
    Sweet Ned. Always following his honor. Good Ned. 😥
  6. Catelyn Stark
    Strong lady, beautiful hair. Badass and she's always rocking a great coat.
  7. Arya Stark
    I LOVE HER SO MUCH. So cute, so feisty, such a badass and she's only going to get more so.
  8. Sansa Stark
    She gets a lot of shit for being such a pushover, but she's literally stuck. And as Tyrion says, "Lady Stark, you may just survive us all." She'll come out of this awful situation strong as hell. Spitting image of her mom.
  9. Tyrion Lannister
    Smart guy, hates himself, sleeps with lots of women. Probably should run the country but his sister, brother and their son are a bunch of shits.
  10. Cersei Lannister
    Is her hair strawberry blonde or just blonde? I'll never know. But her hair is literally all she has going for her. I don't know how she can defend her daughter but not protect Sansa. Plus twincest. Ew.
  11. Jaime Lannister
    He's not too relevant in the first two seasons. He gets talked about a lot though. He's ew.
  12. Joffrey Baratheon(lol Lannister squared)
    Ew squared times infinity. Seems like a normal, rapey, medieval dude-then he gets the throne. Downright murderous little shit. L I T T L E S H I T. Even his mom knows.
  13. Jon Snow
    He's cool, gets called bastard a lot, nice looking, I don't know why people are obsessed with him though.
  14. Daenarys Targerian
    LOVE HER. I wish she was featured more in the show, I want to know more about her!!!
  15. Brienne of Tarth
    Strong, courageous, loyal to a fault. Probably one of the best characters in the series
  16. Also this is always enjoyable