Keep in mind I'm only on season one
  1. Henry is awful and I will never like him and I don't know why anyone does.
    He has no control over his emotions, he's spoiled, He will do ANYTHING to get what he wants, he treats his wife like shit, and flaunts his girlfriend in public. He's abusive, a sociopath, a Men's rights activist before our time. Plus the actor that plays him has the most dead-looking eyes and it freaks me out. Plus plus Henry gets mad if he loses an arm wrestle or a game of cards and it's just ridiculous. Also, he has a guy hold a towel for him to jack off into. Ewewewew.
  2. Wolsey
    Another example of why I hate authority figures. He abuses his power, manipulates everyone around him and will have other people killed to save his own pasty ass.
  3. Queen Catherine
    I understand why she would be devoted to him, at first. It's hard for a person in an abusive relationship to separate the nice things people say to the awful things they do. But THEN when he goes beyond just having affairs and then just dehumanizing her and gaslighting her and making her into a villain for being upset that he is having an affair. At some point, I'd think that you'd realize that you were in the right(she does) and just fuck his shit up(she doesn't.)
  4. Anne Boleyn
    I respected her. I did. She was being used as a pawn of betrayal by her father and uncle to get Wolsey out of Henry's ear. She wasn't into it, and she had to stop seeing someone that she loved. Then she starts falling in love- with a jackass. She's a lady in waiting to Catherine and I just don't get how she can look in the face of the woman whose husband she slaps tongues with.
  5. Charles
    Just a fuckboy. A stupid, seemingly harmless fuckboy.
  6. Thomas Tallis
    A pure sweet cotton candy musician. I really like him but I hate the scene where there's a dead person next to him. Also, William and Thomas 5ever!!!!!
  7. Margaret
    She is Henry's sister, so she's gotta have something wrong with her. I really felt for her when she was pushed into marriage with an old dude by Henry. Plus he just did it so cruelly and treated her like she was dirt. Then the post-marriage ceremony scene was the most cringe-worthy thing in the world. I wouldn't have blamed her at all for what she did. But I like her because she took her life in her hands and married for love, even if the guy was a fuckboy (Charles.)
  8. Princess Mary
    Yes the tiny little thing that's being thrown around like a soccer ball to men when she's only 8. No wonder she has so many people executed when she's older, she had no control over her life. It's just weird to see this historically evil person portrayed as a child.