1. Waking up and Cleo is already wagging her tail.
    Gosh I love her.
  2. When I can fully utilize my shower and not rush and get everything done.
    Like using conditioner(I rarely have time), or shaving my legs(I really should catch up on that.)
  3. Chips and salsa and margs.
    Preferably with my friends. So much fun.
  4. When my professor tells me I did a good job.
    I've never felt smart till college and I just feel so good when I pick things up quicker than I used to.
  5. Light flickering across my floor through my sheer curtains at 8 am.
    Refreshing and serene.
  6. Painting.
  7. My niece.
    My mom thinks she wants to be me, and that kid is so weird and awesome. Plus she has leather boots at age 2, so she's kind of ahead of the curve. She's a great kid.
  8. Coming home to Cleo.
    So much jumping and leaping and happy kisses.
  9. When I go to my parents' house, and my little brother without missing a beat says, "So glad you're here, Meap."
    Every single time.
  10. When my parents' dogs (my buddies) run to the door as soon as I get home to say hi to me and Cleo.
  11. When my parents' dogs realize I'm going back to my apartment and they run up to say bye and make me pet them.
    The sweetest and toughest dogs ever, Sheeba and Piper.
  12. When my friends sing.
    I haven't heard them in a while but I always get proud and secretly teary for the first few seconds.
  13. Flowers. Flowers. Flowers.
    Picking them, arranging them, taking care of them.