It's been an adventure
  1. I woke up hungover after only having two drinks last night. I'm weak lol
    But I did wake up next to my cutie pie boyfriend and I'm saving a lot of money at bars (and so is he.)
  2. Finished Orange is the New Black
    Cried. Cried a lot.
  3. Tried to take a shower.
    Ended up slipping, falling, hitting my head, landing on my ass, twisting my ankle and scraping myself up pretty well. Then the shower bar fell down.
  4. Actually took a shower.
  5. The maintenance man finally showed up
    There has been a mold issue on my ceiling and under my sink and it has been a thrill to try to get the office to acknowledge that there is a problem!!! But apparently they are going to start ripping out the hallway wall behind my sink so that's just wild.
  6. Binge watching Alias to try to feel better about OINTB
  7. Took this picture of my pup
  8. Figured out I could message President Obama
  9. Messaged President Obama
    It was like an automatic text deal, they ask for your address, phone number and email, but I think he eventually sees it