Why Sydney Bristow is and always will be my role model/inspiration

From age 9, then to rediscovering her in Alias at 21, I forgot how important it is to be strong, yet vulnerable.
  1. Alias (a quick run through)
    Directed by J.J. Abrams, starring Jennifer Garner, Victor Garber and Michael Vartan, and many other incredibly talented actors and actresses.
  2. She's a grad student! And a spy!
    She wants to be an educator like her mother was. Her mother is her greatest inspiration.
  3. She has friendships in the agency and from her university!
    Granted, they're a little bit dysfunctional since she has to lie to keep them safe from her employers. They always want to see her more often and they're always concerned about why her job at a bank takes up so much time.
  4. She had strained relations with her father
    She has to put up with him due to some circumstances and eventually they start to get along and function fairly normally. She let him in, after the loss of her mother made him cold and removed.
  5. She lost many people that she loved
    And she's had many difficulties because of that. But she knows how to take of herself, compartmentalize, and when to slow down.
  6. She also cries.
    This was important for me. Sydney is incredibly strong. She's had it rather difficult, and under strange circumstances as well. She keeps a straight face through a lot, but sometimes, she just cries. She doesn't stop being strong because of her need to cry.
  7. She kicks ass.
    Jennifer Garner gets kudos because she worked out a hell of a lot to be able to do stunts for this. I'm not sure if she did all of them, but even doing the martial arts portion is incredibly difficult.
  8. She learns to trust again, but fool her twice, she will mess you up.
    I.e. : Anna, Sark, Sloan, multiple other people.
  9. She learns to love, again.
    In multiple ways beyond the romantic way.