I've tasked myself with taking one photo per week of something or some place new. Here's what I've gathered thus far.
  1. Static
    Captivating Golden Gate red
  2. Static
    Road trip to super NorCal
  3. Static
    Night shot of Manley Hall
  4. Static
    Dogs are a girl's best friend
  5. Static
    View from across street from my Super Bowl 50 volunteering post
  6. Static
    A hike through the enchanted forest
  7. Static
    California poppies are happiness
  8. Static
    Redwood City hiking
  9. Static
    Straight out of a fairytale storybook
  10. Static
    Janksters have got spirit!
  11. Static
  12. Static
    Ice rinks are a magical place
  13. Static
    Took a spontaneous trip down memory lane. It was quite the workout.