I spent about 23 hours in NYC and smoked 6 joints. Here's a quick rundown.
  1. Met one of the inventors of SQL and smoked a KOOL cigarette with him after eating burgers.
  2. Signed on to be a CEO (maybe) of a startup
  3. Met a friend in Washington Square Park; moved to Central Park cause it's better.
  4. Smoked a spliff beneath a tree in the park
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  5. Met my comedian friend at his place in queens, smoked two joints, shot the shit.
  6. Took an uber to Williamsburg to meet my reporter friend
  7. Ate a lot of octopus at Snacky
  8. Went back to her place, smoked another spliff, played some super smash bros on the wii.
  9. Got a headache, took a cold shower.
  10. Ordered my first uber, drove to prospect heights.
  11. Bought a fresh hoagie at 1am.
  12. Retired to my friend's place, smoked two spliffs, introduced him to Steven Universe.
  13. Slept poorly on a leather couch in a brutally hot apartment. But the shower made it alright.
  14. Got breakfast by his house- an incredible egg sandwich and latte from Lincoln Station.
  15. Made the 12pm bus back to PA.