If you didn't know these before.... Now you know.
  1. Broodhollow
    LoveCraft meets Bone, incredible artwork, terrifying story with great writing. My favorite.
  2. Stand Still Stay Silent
    Post apocalyptic Scandinavian adventure. Beautifully detailed and well crafted. Starts slow but impossible to stop after page 65.
  3. Riceboy/ Vattu / Order Of Tales
    The most original fantasy world I think I have ever come across. Breathtaking artwork of impossible landscapes, complex mysteries and truly unique characters.
  4. Oglaf
    NSFW, but definitely worth it. Hilarious and overtly explicit dungeons and dragons.
  5. Dresden Codak
    Dungeons and Discourse: nuff said.
  6. A Lesson Is Learned But The Damage Is Irreversible
    Seminal and influential for a reason