1. Season 2 of Parks & Rec was playing
    Probably had nothing to do with how I was feeling, but it made the whole thing stranger.
  2. Intense nausea
    Which resulted in me having to throw up twice
  3. Crazy dizziness
    Had to lay down to keep the world from spinning
  4. Wicked headache
    Took an Advil and put a cold pack wrapped in a towel right over my eyes and forehead
  5. Light sensitivity
    Every time I opened my eyes for a brief instant it felt as though the rays of light were shattering a layer of glass. My eyes would open, and light would crack and spread like spider webbing on a broken windshield. An instant later, my eyes adjusted and I could see.
  6. Time dialation
    Seemed like it went on forever. Every couple of seconds a new wave would crash through my chest like a hot wall of discomfort. I was a ship tossed at sea, a bottle bobbling on the ocean.
  7. Gone after 3ish hours
    Like a phantom, it had left me. I slept with vivid, turbulent dreams. When I woke, I felt OK.