I have been in LA for a little over 3 years now, and during that time, I've learned a couple things about the city. One is that LA must have been designed by cars, and the other is that LA loves fireworks. This is a list about my time spent watching fireworks in LA
  1. DisneyLand - every fucking night - C+
    I have never been to DisneyLand. My older sister went when she was like 9 or 10, by herself! and I never got to go, and frankly, I'm not about to start going to DL at 25. Nevertheless, when I first got to the LA area, I was in Newport on a hill overlooking the ocean. I could see the fireworks every night. That should have been a warning. c+ cause what kind of monster would I be to hate fireworks.
  2. SilverLake - 2012 - D-
    My first 4th of July was also one of my first nights in LA. I Graduated 2 months earlier and moved to the city with my awful ex and her wonderful dog. We found a box on Virgil for too much money. It was our 4th night in a new place, and literally everyone around us was lighting off fireworks. The dog was fine with it, but my ex was terrified, convinced that gangs would break in during the commotion, using the sound as cover to murder us. That's what Newport, CA does to people. D for racism.
  3. EchoPark - 2013 - B
    This one was pleasant, I think. Shortly after I moved down to LA, my oldest and best friend also moved to the city. She showed up in August, found some puppies and made herself at home, but she spent that 4th in Portland enjoying sloshball on the front lawn. 2013 was her first LA 4th so we climbed up a hill on Marathon and watched the rockets over dodger stadium, to our east, and the thousands of illegal ones to our west. Our dogs all freaked out. B, cause it wasn't bad.
  4. Studio City - 2014 - B+
    Spent this one in a pool. I was fresh from a breakup with my awful ex, but it was more freeing than sad. This was special cause it was spent with many new friends who are now old friends. But this year I missed the fireworks. The house we were at just didn't have the view. This was a great night where i met my current partner, so I was more focused on different fireworks eheuheueheueheueh B+
  5. Mullholland Drive - 2015 - A+
    We had wanted to spend this 4th on the beach, cooking over a bonfire at Dockweiler, but apparently 6:15 AM is too late to claim a fire pit. We drove home, made due at a house with friends, and then drove up the hill to the Universal Lookout to lookout on the universe. From there - very left of there - we could see dozens of shows. Over CBS, and the fire, and a second right behind it, and a third even more distant coming through the clouds of smoke. It was the most spectacular vantage point.