In order. So that you may better look upon my soul and say, "totes".
  1. The Ghost
    Ghosts rule vampires drool. But really, what is a ghost?
  2. Fortinbras
    Gr8 name for a gr8 Norwegian guy.
  3. Marcellus
    Only in the play to sorta prove hamlet isn't insane
  4. Ophelia
    The only likable character
  5. Gildenstern
    Shakespeare just couldn't leave well enough alone, there's always gotta be a fool
  6. Polonius
    I like assholes, what can I say. Liking Polonius means I have a thing for butts.
  7. Rosencrantz
    Fuck yeah Jews
  8. Moe Szyslack
    Have you tried the Flamin' Claudius? Its lean, but with Aquavit on top.
  9. Shakespeare
    Little known fact, The Bard himself used to walk across the stage during the 3rd act to lighten the mood.
  10. Jesus
    "The word when it was made flesh passed from ubiquity into space, from eternity into history, from blessedness without limit to mutation and death; in order to correspond to such a sacrifice it was necessary that a man, as representative of all men, make a suitable sacrifice. Hamlet was that man... Hamlet in some ways reflects jesus." - H. Bustos