Flying PHL- Boston - LAX; boarding begins.... Now.
  1. White guy w/o chin looking nervously at his computer but not really typing anything.
  2. Angry looking business man with pink earphones staring into nothingness.
  3. Man consuming all the Asian food he can before he boards the flight.
  4. Impatient white guy #1 in a suit who has been in line to board for more than half an hour before boarding begins.
  5. Impatient white guy #2 wearing a pink shirt and sweater vest with headphones probably listening to his daily affirmations but who has also been in line for more than half an hour before boarding begins.
  6. Tall white guy who can't seem to stop touching his crotch, thinks he's doing it discreetly.
  7. Two women a seat apart from one another, who don't seem to know each other, but nevertheless are displaying the exact same signs of anxiousness.
  8. Asian woman drawing what she sees out the window.
  9. A couple that would be cute if the guy ever looked upon from his phone.
  10. A woman wearing some out-of-this-world tights. Jokes about space pants aside and comments about butts, these tights are like Escher decided he could design clothing.
  11. Literally the cutest baby, currently fascinated by the airport and the planes taxiing below. Oh god now he's pushing his own stroller with his mother.
  12. A really well dressed black guy who makes me wish I had also worn a suit to fly.
  13. At least one man wearing cargo shorts.
  14. A Bill Gates lookalike.