Bitcoin is infuriating. The ocean is infuriating. The oceans ignorance on the subject of Bitcoin is infuriating. I love them both.
  1. Crypto currency is the Star Wars Trading Card Game of currency.
  2. Crypto currency will not revolutionize our way of life, it will only make buying drugs easier.
    Except in San Francisco
  3. Why couldn't I have come up with bitcoin.
  4. If I could drown in Bitcoin, I would. Since I can't, I'll have to drown in you.
  5. I love Bitcoin.
  6. I love you, ocean, but I can't monetize you.
  7. Bitcoin can go to Hell!
  8. Why can't I forget Bitcoin?
  9. Bitcoin will never possess the market share necessary to make it a viable alternative to physical currency in everyday transactions.
  10. Bitcoin will always be second to Doge coin in my book.
  11. Bitcoin never got a nascar ad.
  12. You may be great at listening, ocean, but it is clear I still love Bitcoin.
  13. For 70% of the world's surface, you know frustratingly little about Bitcoin.