I love cartoons. I was a total Nick kid growing up and I blame them for my weird sense of humor.
  1. Rick and Morty
    This show is insane. Like, it really blows my mind how awful Rick is and how much I don't hate him.
  2. Bob's Burgers
    This show is perfect. Like, no one is mean and the show is always hilarious.
  3. Archer
    I love to hate Archer. He is so terrible. Everyone else gets my unconditional love.
  4. The Simpsons
    I still watch and love this show. Homer is pretty awesome.
  5. Robot Chicken
    I don't think this counts as a cartoon but it's awesome.
  6. Bojack Horseman
    This show makes no sense but it works.
  7. Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    I can't even explain why I love this show. But I do.
  8. Futurama
    I mean it has the Robot Devil - what's not to like!!