Musicals I Know By Heart Shows/ I Should Have Seen But Have Never Seen The Show b/c I am the Worst

I live in NYC, so I honestly have no excuse.
  1. Spring Awakening
    Like why didn't I see this?!? The music is so gorgeous!!! And so full of teen angst and drama
  2. Phantom of the Opera
    I think I put this off because I know it will be around forever
  3. Wicked
    My fiancée saw this show and I didn't!!! Like how did I miss something that was based on a book I love. I should go soon.
  4. Les Mis
    Again, I should just go but I don't because it's always on Broadway.
  5. Into the Woods
    Like every theater person I know geeks out over this show. They even went to BAM. I'm the worst.
  6. Spamalot
    There wasn't a gif of this so I found a Quest for the Holy Grail which is the whole reason I wanted to see the musical.