1. 99% of the people in the major joined because of Indiana Jones ( and a good portion of the professors as well)
  2. People sure love Tevas.
  3. Dichotomy is for dummies (thank for you Professor Shea, it was worth the student loan debt to learn this lesson)
  4. Archaeology is, like most of life, about waiting, more waiting, coffee and lots of patience.
  5. Math, literacy, logic and being able to distill information into clear and simple sentences are the basics to furthering human understanding.
  6. Dirt and bugs are natural. Get used to it.
  7. If you can just get out of your warm sleeping bag for 1 minute at 6am, you can do anything!
  8. Human history is so vast and unexplored you can make compelling and interesting study out of anything ( especially food!! Food anthropology is amazing)
  9. We need more women and non western participation in all aspects of anthropology.