I don't get obsessed with stuff, mostly because I am forgetful and lazy
  1. Welcome to Night Vale
    Well, I've been into this for two years now, but it's still awesome and amazing and I can't wait for the birthday show in a few weeks
  2. The Tanis Podcast
    A friend told me about this podcast. I can't tell where the line of fiction and reality lie and I love it.
  3. The Black Tapes Podcast
    This was created before the Tanis podcast but i found out about it after. So, so compelling and fascinating.
  4. Korean Dramas
    We finally hooked up our Xbox so our streaming services has skyrocketed. Korean dramas are sooooo satisfying my soap opera with humor itch.
  5. Book Riot
    They are just awesome. Buying tickets for their event in November tonight.
  6. Litsy
    Who doesn't love a great book app!! Their layout is awesome.
  7. L'Octaine Shea Butter Lotion
    So expensive so I feel like a billion bucks
  8. Library Thing App
    An app that keeps track of all my books so I know what I have and what I want??? We live in amazing times.
  9. Alice Isn't Dead
    From the Nightvale Present group, so creepy and dark and funny and weird and I love Jenska Nicole's voice.