Been seeing some Bob's Burgers love and I want to cash in!!!
  1. Mister Fischoeder
    Miser, weirdo, gambles with children, owns a boat - what's up with that??
  2. Jimmy Pesto
    A huge hater and terrible cook. He never pays attention to his kids.
  3. Old Lady that runs the art store (Edith Cranwinkle)
    She is just a hater that won't let Bob be great
  4. Linda's Sister (Gayle)
    She's just really selfish and ready to make out with her sister's husband.
  5. The guidance counselor (Mister Frond)
    Super clueless and falls under Louise's spell way too easily.
  6. Millie
    Millie is literally an insane murderer in a child's body.
  7. Tammy
    She's like Queen Bee for some unknown reason and mean to Tina