Ha, I can list too, Buzzfeed. Take that. You wont believe number 2 !!?!
  1. Theatre Class.
    Boy, this class was great at throwing me under a spotlight, a thing I would do last on Earth but I did all those embarassing things and I miss it. Dammit.
  2. Socialising With Very Different People.
    I got 99 problems, but smokers, weeders, drinkers, simple, flashy, loud, quiet people aint one.
  3. Coming Out Of My Comfort Zone.
    Ayy now I cruise outside it. Still a bit shy, but a lot better than few months ago when I would just a timid step only to crawl back in.
  4. Opening up & Trusting Friends.
    Sooo, new thing. Scary thing. Good thing.