Things that became cool once they were western world approved - India Edition

Butthurt people who are easily offended can close their eyes, close this list, shut the app and move on with their life. Thanks. (That's most of my country gone.) Suggested humor dose 100gms. - Aish (Conceptualised. 11.52 pm. Written 12.40 am. Do not fucking plagiarise this you pieces of shit. Bcs if you do, I will find you and keeel you.) :*
  1. Chicken Tikka Masala
    I mean, for a dish not even originating in India, this yummy little item exploded in its popularity in India obviously because someone in the western world thought it would be a great idea to get it here! (I just..I..thank you chef!)
  2. Priyanka Chopra
    The woman from a small town in India, who casually won a beauty pageant, worked hard & worked her way up in Bollywood as an outsider, proved sexists wrong, also proved all the haters wrong and did all this with so much grace I could not imagine one could display, has now become the reason that most of her haters converted to admire her bcs she, an Indian is the lead lady on a prime time show for a major American tv network. Go girl!
  3. Jaan Pehchaan Ho
    It has to take a Heineken beer commercial to use this song from an old Bollywood movie 'Gumnaam' (incidentally an adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel) as its soundtrack for some of us to wake up and realise that old IS indeed gold. Just, I cannot handle the rock infused with jazz. I cannot.
  4. Kamasutra
    I mean, come on. Hollywood just went crazy this one!The movies brought it up and now we can proudly say that aint nobody mess with us cuz we from da land of Kamasutra!
  5. Naan
    Naan means bread!!!! Stop calling it naan bread because the food trucks do so.
  6. Vegetarianism
    Veg converts, veggie delights and diets in rage have led to being veg as a cool thing now. Feels like the good old times. The Ancient Vedic period of India must have been amaze. I want to time travel to them golden ages of vegetarianism. Can we have a movie called Midnight in Taxashila?
  7. Yoga
    Wow, where do I start? Again, the Vedic period must have been a magical time. Yoga became da shiz when it started being televised and people were ready to pay money to stretch themselves and breathe fast and slow in timed intervals. Guh, who whould've known it would only take all this?!