I'm not the only one and though we aren't outnumbered we are unheard.
  1. Noise: sports games turn everyone louder by +20db
  2. Corruption: the Leagues, the players, the owners
  3. Money, part 1: the disproportionate amount of money spent on players that ether excuses horrible behavior or decides punishments
  4. Slavery: watching white owners and commenters evaluate predominantly black athletes on their physical attributes and dollar value is a modern slave market
  5. The Lottery ticket mentality: glorification of professional athletes promises a golden ticket to young people for what is realistically a minuscule number of positions for a career that ends by age 30
  6. Money, part 2: in sports that don't have large winning purses athletes cannot afford to train exclusively and must strategize races based on money and not performance
  7. Altering visual landscapes: from League bullying municipalities to build resource draining stadiums, to flatscreen televisions in every establishment showing whatever sport is in season, sports are an eyesore everywhere
  8. Double standards: positions on doping are but one example of inconsistencies across every sport underscoring that money from viewers and endorsements mean more than athletic purity
  9. Where is the joy? Sport is an extension of play. As higher order mammals sport is an expression of physical joy and competition. None of this shows in players who struggle with physical disabilities during and after careers, or how the Leagues treat their players.
  10. Uniforms: let's face it - most sports uniforms are hideous with awful color combinations.
  11. Municipal hypocrisy: rooting for a team that moved from another city with players imported from other states for owners who don't live near the stadium for fans who are tribal for all the wrong reasons.