These are TV shows I have recommended to various people.
  1. The Wire: the pinnacle of television writing. Brilliant, informed writing with a passion using a broad expansive canvas and a panoply of characters inhabiting a thoroughly believable world. Drama with a distinct purpose.
  2. Breaking Bad: the long, slow descent of one man choosing to become evil for all the right reasons.
  3. Luther (BBC): Idris Elba is outstanding as a detective who skirts the boundaries of ethics and law to catch killers.
  4. The Walking Dead: having its budget slashed because AMC gave Mad Men all its money didn't hurt this excellent drama. Frank Darabont's departure also hasn't damaged the quality of writing and direction.
  5. Better Off Ted: an underperforming show that was cancelled after two seasons. But it's very funny and pretty wacky, enjoyable fluff.
  6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Angel: Joss Whedon created the modern girl power hero: powerful, vulnerable, and subject to change over time because of making hard active choices.
  7. Deadwood: David Milch achieves Shakespearean levels of writing blending character and language like nothing else in this bleak, desperate western.