You have a smartphone? Well, why didn't you say so. Come over here, take a seat.
  1. Kero Blaster (iOS)
  2. You must build a boat (iOS, Android)
  3. Dots and TwoDots (iOS, Android)
  4. HoPiKo (iOS)
  5. Alto's Adventure (iOS)
  6. Shooty skies (iOS)
  7. Tomb Raider Go (iOS, Android)
  8. Prune (iOS)
  9. Chrono Trigger (iOS, Android)
  10. Wayward souls (iOS, Android)
  11. Mage gauntlet (iOS)
  12. Downward (iOS, Android)
  13. Superbrothers: Sword and sorcery (iOS, Android)
  14. The world ends with you (iOS)
  15. Touchtone (iOS)
  16. Sword of Xolan (iOS, Android)
  17. Crossy road (iOS, Android)
  18. The executive (iOS)
  19. Final Fantasy tactics (iOS, Android)
  20. Monument Valley (iOS, Android)
  21. Threes (iOS, Android)
  22. The walking dead (iOS, Android)
  23. One more line (iOS, Android)
  24. VVVVV (iOS, Android)
  25. Machinarium (iOS, Android)
  26. Smash hit (iOS, Android)
  27. Table tennis touch (iOS)
  28. The nightmare Cooperative (iOS, Android)