1. Identify problem
    Your a little high strung and paranoid so problems will come up.
  2. Try to deal with problem on own.
    Your smart, you got this.
  3. Fail at solving problem
  4. Talk to someone in charge.
    Some problems you can't solve on your own.
  5. Get told your being "irrational"
    You probably are irrational at times so why not this time as well.
  6. Problem continues.
    Well it was never addressed because you were dismissed as irrational.
  7. Keep feeling about this to yourself.
    Who wants to be called irrational so maybe ignoring the problem is enough.
  8. Problem escalates.
    Oh no maybe you were rational all along!
  9. Have a nervous breakdown.
    Hey why didn't you address that problem sooner.
  10. Most importantly remember everything is your fault.
    Everything is your fault. Cannot be repeated enough!