I am an old fashioned nerd, when being a nerd meant something and what it meant was you probably got beaten up and had no where to sit during school lunch period.
  1. I am pedantic.
    If I say something I know to be wrong I feel weird. If there is even if whiff of someone thinking I am wrong about anything my skin crawls and I go into defence mode.
  2. I like comic books.
    Scott Pilgrim and Fables are my current favourites.
  3. I am an Anglophile.
    To the point where I have UK settings on my phone and am trying to learn metric.
  4. I obsessively follow the careers of comedians and actors I really enjoy.
    I stalk people on IMDB, usually obscure enough people that no one I know real in real life can understand my obsession. Strangely enough I want to know nothing of their personal lives because they shit bores me.
  5. I approach life as a field researcher.
    I tackle all problems as Anthropologist would. Sure I am theoretically living in my native culture but to be honest it makes no sense to me.
  6. Socially Awkward in all environments.
    Yeah all you all are crazy and most of you even look alike.