My life is a series of routines and I like to stay productive as much as I can. This is a list of things I try to do every day. (emphasis on 'try')
  1. Study a new language
    I went through all 5 levels of German on Rosetta Stone a few years ago, and have been working through Italian now. I have a few workbooks too in addition to using Rosetta Stone.
  2. Work on Khan Academy
    I try to spend at least a little time on Khan Academy each day. I am trying to get all the way through the math program, but also have been trying other stuff too like biology, and art history and a little bit of everything else up there.
  3. Practice guitar
    Ever since graduating is been harder to keep up my guitar skills, so I try to imagine I'm practicing for a recital. It just helps to make me feel like a more complete musician if I'm practicing regularly.
  4. Read
    I try to read at least a little every day. Either a chapter of a book, or a music theory article, or some other kind of research. Gotta stay on top of things.
  5. Write
    I'm always either working on writing either on my blog (which I've let lapse recently), or working on a paper or writing music. A little bit everyday gets a lot accomplished.