I'm sure one could easily substitute New York, or Boston, or Los Angeles for Chicago.
  1. Ahhh shit. How did I end up in the Loop at 5:30?!
  2. I swear I could walk faster.
  3. Oh, that guy on the sidewalk IS walking faster.
  4. What the fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!
  5. Oh god damn tourists. Yes, of course you can try to sprint across Michigan Ave. against the light. I'll wait.
  6. Shit, I'm going to catch every red light aren't I?
  7. Fuck. Where did that bicycle come from?
    Oh he passed me on the left. Of course.
  8. I'm averaging 11mph. I literally can walk faster.
  9. What if I just left my car here?
    I could put on the flashers and come back later.
  10. I bet the people in that cab thought it would be a quick ride.
    Too bad they'll be spending $50 to go like 3 blocks.
  11. What if I just moved here?
    Just hop out of the car and rent the first apartment I see?
  12. FINALLY on 290.
  13. Fuck. I'm going the same speed.
  14. What if I just left the car here?
    I could put the flashers on, hop over the barricade and just take the L home. I'll come back for the car later.
  15. I know for certain I have a sunburn now.
  16. What is the point of this expressway?
    Seriously, if I ever go over 40 it's a fucking miracle.
  17. Finally at my exit.
    And there's my street. Nice.
  18. Shit. There is no parking.
    Why can't people pull in closer when they parallel park? There'd be so many more spaces.
  19. I'm home. Finally.
    It only took 1 hour to go about 12 miles. Not bad.
  20. Next time I'm taking the L.