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I'm an emotional person, so when I watch movies I either love the characters or hate them with a passion. I've decided to dedicate this list to the characters that I can't stand.
  1. Calvin from paid in full
    This Kermit the frog, backstabbing, disrespectful ugh.... I can go on forever. I hate this guy with everything I have.
  2. Lil Ze- City of God
    This ruthless little savage boy made my blood boil. Everything he did made me wanna punch him in the face.
  3. Marnie - Girls
    Maybe she was just brutally relatable .. But there was something about her I just couldn't stand
Over brunch this morning we were having the usual small talk. A friend of ours has just moved into her first house. A couple of mimosas later, and stories from the local jail our innocent small talk turned into my good friend @genevieburgos explaining how she could murder someone and get away with it, this was her list
  1. Burn the body, then burn down the house theory
    The flaws in this theory though, is that things don't burn as quickly as they do in the movies or in her animated imagination. As soon as any object became engulfed in flames the authorities would rush to the scene, discover a previously burned dead body, and BAM gen is caught.
  2. Sticking to the burned body theory ....
    You burn the body (although there's so many ways you'll get caught by doing this) .. You make sure the person you're murdering has a dog .. You then steal the dog .. You feed the ashes to the dog .. The dog runs around town spreading its previous owners ashes .. The perfect crime ......... Unless you're gen and you'd probably get caught before any of this even happened
  3. The painting the house theory
    You tell your potential murderee that you need help painting the house . You have your whole house covered in plastic to avoid getting paint on the floor and blood muahaha .. The perfect crime .. Unless you buy everything with your credit card and it gets traced back to you and you have no more plastic and no more body and BAM .. Gen is caught
  4. The bomb theory
    This is probably one of the best one during the brunch .. But still so many flaws in the theory. Anyways, you murder the person. You stick a home made bomb in them that has a timer of 5 days. You quickly skip town (gen suggested Nevada because no one would look for you with the Mormons) in five days time you not only build a newly found relationship with God, you got rid of a decaying corpse by blowing it up AND you got away with murder 😉👍🏼
I've never really had a "bucket list" before because I was always under the assumption that people made bucket lists as things they wanted to do but never actually planned on doing. Now that I know I'm wrong, I'm making a bucket list of things that I hope to accomplish in the near(ish) future.
  1. See the northern lights.
  2. Ride in a DeLorean.
  3. Have dinner at Noma in Copenhagen.
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I'm living the American Dream; the 9-5 Monday-Friday cushy desk job. I am a client service specialist (at least that's what my business cards say) and this is what I do on a day to day basis
  1. I sat in my car for about 10 minutes listening to "bad mood" because for some reason that song puts me in an awesome mood
  2. I mustered up the courage to go back inside (after missing about a week of work) and I immediately get ran up on by a random guy!
  3. Turns out the random guy is a new tenant and he came to pick up his keys, well the keys are always in my coworkers office so we waited awkwardly in silence for 20 minutes until she showed up.
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Being a girl, car problems are the absolute worst. I barely know how to drive let alone why my car is making the funky noises it's making. Here's a list on what makes going to the mechanic the absolute worst.
  1. I do not know what's wrong with my car, that's why I'm here ... So you can tell me
  2. It's filthy, always.
  3. It always takes longer than you expected
  4. It takes so long that you have to walk home
I am a simple woman, I like good food and I like it now. Naturally, I'm a recreational eater and lucky for me I live in a city that has tons of amazing places for me to feed my passion ... Or just myself. Here's a list of my top 3 restaurants in Phoenix
  1. 1.
    Welcome Diner
    Worth the sweat stains and fighting flies from stealing your roasted green tomato sandwich. I had driven past this "dump" plenty of times before actually eating there and let me tell you, nothing was the same. Traditional American diner food with handcrafted cocktails.. What more can a girl ask for?
  2. 2.
    Fa•me cafe
    We have a breakfast tradition ; we ask "which one of these 3 breakfast joints are we gonna hit this morning?" More often than not we find ourselves sitting under the wooden plank covered with light bulbs at fa•me. The food, the interior and the people are what make this place wonderful.
  3. 3.
    El Chullo
    When I eat here I feel like a tall-long haired-llama riding Peruvian goddess .. That is when they have parking and the wait isn't 45 minutes. Something as simple as throwing French fries in your chicken is a good enough reason for me to come back as much as I possibly can. They are the flavor gods and for this very reason I will be a loyal customer