I am a simple woman, I like good food and I like it now. Naturally, I'm a recreational eater and lucky for me I live in a city that has tons of amazing places for me to feed my passion ... Or just myself. Here's a list of my top 3 restaurants in Phoenix
  1. Welcome Diner
    Worth the sweat stains and fighting flies from stealing your roasted green tomato sandwich. I had driven past this "dump" plenty of times before actually eating there and let me tell you, nothing was the same. Traditional American diner food with handcrafted cocktails.. What more can a girl ask for?
  2. Fa•me cafe
    We have a breakfast tradition ; we ask "which one of these 3 breakfast joints are we gonna hit this morning?" More often than not we find ourselves sitting under the wooden plank covered with light bulbs at fa•me. The food, the interior and the people are what make this place wonderful.
  3. El Chullo
    When I eat here I feel like a tall-long haired-llama riding Peruvian goddess .. That is when they have parking and the wait isn't 45 minutes. Something as simple as throwing French fries in your chicken is a good enough reason for me to come back as much as I possibly can. They are the flavor gods and for this very reason I will be a loyal customer