5 photos on my phone, chosen at random

shit I did 6!
  1. Colorado is a cool, wild place.
    Some days the wind blows across the prairies just right and froths up the kind of summer storm that wakes you up and puts giddy fear in your guts. A visiting friend commented that everything is so tangible here and I believe that. These skies know what they're about, son.
  2. Expect a salt lamp.
    If we're friends and it's a gift giving occasion you will likely receive one of these bad boys. Sure there are pseudo sciency benefits like air purification or whatever but I mostly like the unique texture and sexy glow.
  3. No wrong time for a bonfire.
    I spent Christmas 2015 on a bluff burning years worth of old wood. As the pile diminished and the flames licked the darkening skies I realized it was my favorite Christmas of all time. This picture is obviously not from that day but the location is the same and you get the idea.
  4. This guy.
    My roommate sometimes pretends to be a real dog but usually he's just passive aggressively watching squirrels from the porch.
  5. Spooky stuff is cool.
    My favorite things have the right combination of pretty and scary which is why my place is full of skulls and crystals and furry rugs. Bc death is inevitable so might as well be cozy for now.
  6. Anthropomirphism.
    It's never not funny to speak for babies and animals.