1. β€’
    Kim- my very first German shepherd dog, I had her when I was 3, I also had one before but I was a baby when she died. Later on Kim died when I was 16, age 13.
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    Kym (yes, with the Y) I got when I was 17 (2014)she's still a German shepherded dog, she is Black and Tan and is a short haired and long backed dog. With a lethal tail which whips me πŸ™„ ouch. She's now 2.
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    Goldie - my gold fish πŸ˜‚he(or she) is 8 or 9 years old
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    Harry (1&2) the hanpster; was my brothers but still lived in my house so meh, he stunk πŸ˜‚ as all hanpster a do. He used to escape his cage and rub around the house and hide behind the cooker or be in a magazine rack asleep
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    Guinea pigs- at one point I had 25 of them; going from 4 to 25 within weeks (had babies ofc)