Okay so I watched Winter's Tale last night.
  1. "There are some fun actors in this movie"
  2. "Matt Bomer looks good with a beard"
  3. "How does Colin Farrell have an Irish accent for this role?"
  4. "This movie doesn't make any factual sense."
  5. "What the actual fuck is this movie?" x3
  6. "Oh okay, so there's demons now."
  7. "I can see why this made no money."
  8. "Will Smith is Lucifer. Okay."
  9. "I need this to end."
  10. "How the fuck is the sister over 100 years old and working a high stress job?"
  11. "What did Colin Farrell do for 100 years except draw?"
  12. "I'm glad this is over."
  13. "Why am I crying?"
  14. "This didn't make any sense and I'm going to stay up another three hours because I'm mulling over how this didn't make sense."