1. Valley Vista, Studio City
    Rolling hills for variety - moderate traffic - but a generous shoulder. warm feel to the neighborhood. bonus points for friendliness of other runners who always wave, or wave back
  2. Beverly Gardens Park
    Sequestered dirt path, no traffic except for crosswalks. Classic BH vistas. Plenty of trees to shade and water fountains.
  3. Sunset Blvd
    Concrete sidewalks strain legs after a few miles - but lots of rolling hills to keep things interesting - environment changes dramatically from greenery of BH to Sunset Strip to Hollywood blight.
  4. Valleyheart Drive, Studio City/Sherman Oaks
    River adjacent!!! Lots of shade from trees. Feels private. Loses points for constantly having to cross major streets (Laurel Canyon, Whitsett, Coldwater...) and for being generally flat.